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  • BypassGPT - Best AI Undetectable Alternative Overall

  • HIX Bypass - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Reliability

  • BypassAI - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Retaining Meaning

  • Undetectable AI - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Beginners

  • Humbot - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Performance

  • AIHumanizer - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Mobile Users

  • GPTinf - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Casual Users

  • StealthGPT - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Pros

  • Smodin - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Features

  • StealthWriter - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Free Use

  • Why Choose an AI Undetectable Alternative?

  • Final Thoughts

10 Best AI Undetectable Alternatives for Humanizing Your AI Text

AI Undetectable is an undetectable AI writing platform designed to help users bypass AI detection. It features advanced AI technology to humanize your AI-generated text in a single click. It also supports various readability levels and has options to change the length of the content.

Unfortunately, despite a range of useful features, AI Undetectable has some notable drawbacks. Many users have had issues with this tool. For example, the text it creates often isn’t strong enough to bypass leading AI checkers. Indeed, our own testing has shown that AI Undetectable regularly fails to bypass tools like Content at Scale.

Therefore, you might like to use an AI Undetectable alternative instead. Well, there are plenty of options to choose from, including both free and paid variants. In the guide below, we’ll take a look at the 10 best AI Undetectable alternatives you can turn to.

  1. BypassGPT - Best AI Undetectable Alternative Overall
  2. HIX Bypass - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Reliability
  3. BypassAI - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Retaining Meaning
  4. Undetectable AI - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Beginners
  5. Humbot - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Performance
  6. AIHumanizer - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Mobile Users
  7. GPTinf - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Casual Users
  8. StealthGPT - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Pros
  9. Smodin AI Remover - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Features
  10. StealthWriter - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Free Use

BypassGPT - Best AI Undetectable Alternative Overall

BypassGPT is a leading undetectable AI writer designed to help users bypass all the AI checkers. Despite launching in early 2023, BypassGPT is already standing out from the crowd.

Try BypassGPT here:

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use
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Whether it’s Turnitin, Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, or Content at Scale, this tool can consistently bypass AI detection with its powerful humanization capabilities. This may be something to do with how BypassGPT was made – it was specially trained by real human writers to mimic their style.

Use BypassGPT to Bypass All AI Detection Tools - Easier Than Using AI Undetectable

Winston AI
Content at Scale
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In addition to humanization, BypassGPT is also good at enhancing the output quality of the content. There won't be any inappropriate typos, grammar mistakes, or odd expressions in the humanized text. Furthermore, the tool enhances content output by preserving keywords, thus bolstering its potential for higher search engine rankings.

Users also have the flexibility to customize the readability level of the output, tailoring it for different purposes. It seamlessly integrates with an AI checker to show users the AI detection score from well-known AI detection tools. These integrated features effectively save users valuable time and effort.


  • Cutting-edge humanization technology
  • Useful for all sorts of text
  • Remove AI detection signs from all AI checkers
  • Helps to enhance SEO performance
  • Multiple customization options


  • Free version only supports 300 words

HIX Bypass - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Reliability


HIX Bypass is another top quality undetectable AI writer. And, when compared to others, this one really stands out for its overall reliability and impressive levels of performance. Even the best AI detectors seem unable to cope with HIX Bypass's impressive humanization tech.

The success of HIX Bypass can be attributed to its development team at HIX.AI, a leading AI writing platform. The team has seamlessly integrated humanization technology with all the great technology behind their AI writer. This ensures the production of high-quality, human-like text.

With such a powerful technology, it's no wonder that it successfully bypasses all the AI detection tools on the market. No matter whether it is Scribbr, Turnitin, Crossplag, Writer.com, or Winston AI, this tool can make your text undetectable.


  • Bypasses all the big detectors
  • Powered by advanced technology
  • Friendly customer care


  • More expensive than others

BypassAI - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Retaining Meaning


BypassAI is another ideal AI Undetectable alternative. A lot of other undetectable AI writers have the same recurring problem - they change and paraphrase content so much that it loses its meaning. But that’s not an issue with BypassAI.

Instead, this tool is able to recognize the key themes and messaging of a piece of text and maintain that messaging, even while rewriting it to sound more human.

Turnitin, Copyleaks, and Content at Scale are just some of the big AI text checkers that are easily fooled by BypassAI, making it a great choice for students, freelancers, and professionals, as well as casual users.


  • Keeps the original message of the content
  • Efficiently remove the AI signs in the text
  • Very beginner-friendly for new users
  • Versatile to work with different types of content


  • Doesn’t support file uploads, only pasted text

Undetectable AI - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Beginners


Undetectable AI may have a similar name to AI Undetectable, but the two programs are actually quite different. While AI Undetectable can be a little confusing for new users with its various features and cluttered interface, Undetectable AI aims to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, ideal for beginners.

If you’ve never used an undetectable AI writer before or don’t have much experience with AI tools in general, you should feel right at home with this one. Undetectable AI has been cleverly developed to suit the needs of new users, with a simplistic, no-frills design that keeps things simple, letting you humanize content quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, Undetectable AI is very good at getting past the big AI detection tools, like Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, GPTZero, and Turnitin.


  • An ideal option for new users
  • Simple, no-frills design
  • Advanced humanization technology
  • Avoids detection from most AI checkers


  • Lacking in advanced features

Humbot - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Performance


Humbot is an AI tool that was designed to do exactly what its name suggests – bypass AI detection. It also helps you avoid any kind of penalties or problems that might usually come from using AI, like bad grades at school or bad SEO results for your business.

Humbot is particularly impressive when it comes to speed. You can copy and paste some text into the box provided, click the button to humanize, and get an entirely new, unique, error-free piece of content in a matter of seconds.

Not only is Humbot very fast, but it’s also a highly reliable solution. It can handle leading AI checking tools, like Copyleaks and GPT Zero, with no issues at all. And with such fast speeds, it’s ideal for busy professionals or those who need to create AI content in big batches.


  • Super speedy at humanizing content
  • Impressive humanization technology
  • Bypasses most of the AI detection platforms
  • Easy to work with
  • Multiple text input methods


  • Sometimes the final text needs minor edits

AIHumanizer - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Mobile Users


If you tend to do a lot of work and AI writing on your mobile device, AIHumanizer could be an interesting AI humanizer for you to consider. This is because it works equally well on smaller screens as it does on bigger devices.

Like other tools on this list, AIHumanizer is designed to convert AI to human text. It takes out the robotic phrases and paraphrases certain sections to make them more original and unique. By humanizing AI text with AIHumanizer, users get 100% human score content that not only bypasses AI checkers but also sidesteps spam filters.

Converting AI to human text with AIHumanizer is a straightforward process, requiring only three simple steps. This makes it a practical tool for casual everyday use.


  • Top humanization technology to bypass AI detection
  • Beginner-friendly interface, easy to use
  • Creates error-free, 100% original humanized text


  • Free plan is limited

GPTinf - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Casual Users


GPTinf is an undetectable AI writer that certainly stands out from the crowd for its distinctive, minimalistic interface. In fact, it consists of little more than a simple box where you can paste in some text and a button to humanize it.

New features will surely be needed in the months and years to ensure that GPTinf can keep up with the competition. For now, it’s a pretty no-frills writer, though it does have a “freeze list” feature that lets you lock in certain keywords to maintain in your humanized content.

Since it’s so simple, GPTinf is arguably best used for casual use. It may not be quite good enough for professional writers or students, but is handy for one-off humanization tasks, especially for short-form text, like emails and blog posts.


  • Good for casual use
  • Very simple interface
  • Beginner-friedly


  • Quite basic and slow
  • Lacks advanced features

StealthGPT - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Pros


StealthGPT is an AI detection remover designed for daily use. It's a very versatile solution, useful for humanizing a wide range of content types, including the likes of emails, essays, blogs, and college papers.

So, whether you’re a student, a freelancer, or some other kind of content creator, you can use this tool to make adjustments and humanize your pieces of text. This may help you avoid being penalized when submitting content for work or at school.

StealthGPT is also pretty fast and has the capability to work with text in various languages, not just English.


  • Good for daily use
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Fast processing times


  • Costs quickly add up
  • Limited word counts, even with the expensive plans

Smodin - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Features


Smodin is yet AI detection remover, and this one is notably different to many of the others on the list due to its surprisingly wide range of features. Not only can it humanize AI-written text, but it offers a range of other functions.

Users can utilize Smodin for AI chat, AI homework, AI summaries, plagiarism detection, and more. It’s got a full suite of artificial intelligence tools to use. This can make things quite complicated for new users, but advanced users may get more value out of Smodin.

Smodin also has the benefit of working with non-English text, so it can help you humanize or rewrite content in Spanish, Italian, and lots of other languages.


  • A wide range of AI features
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Free to try


  • Often fails AI detection
  • Output text sometimes has typos and errors

StealthWriter - Best AI Undetectable Alternative for Free Use


A lot of undetectable AI writers come with high prices, but if you’re looking for one to use for free, you might like to give StealthWriter a try. It has a comprehensive free humanizer plan, called the Ninja plan, to help users bypass AI detection.

The Ninja plan isn’t quite as powerful or effective as the paid Ghost plan. But it’s still a decent option to try if you don’t mind having to make some manual edits later on.

StealthWriter also has the unique feature of adjustable humanization aggression levels, ranging from Easy to Aggressive. You can make it more aggressive if you want to make bigger changes, or opt for the Easy level to only make minor adjustments.


  • Free to try
  • Generous word count
  • Adjustable aggression levels


  • Paid version is quite expensive
  • Doesn’t work on all AI detectors

Why Choose an AI Undetectable Alternative?

AI Undetectable is a trusted undetectable AI writer for many users. But it’s not perfect. And there are several reasons why you might like to switch to one of the alternatives featured in our list.

Many users pointed out that AI Undetectable gets things wrong when rewriting content and sometimes produces text that isn’t good enough to bypass AI checkers.

To find out if that was true, we put AI Undetectable to the test. First, we asked ChatGPT for a 250-word text on the life of Elvis Presley. We then put the text into AI Undetectable and asked it to humanize it.


Immediately, it became clear that flaws were apparent in the final text. AI Undetectable made the mistake of calling Elvis the "Monarch of Rock and Roll," despite the fact that he was known as the "King."

Things got even worse when we used Content at Scale’s AI detection tool to look for signs of AI in the rewritten content.


As you can see, the content produced by AI Undetectable was not good enough to bypass Content at Scale. Several other tools also noted that the text seemed to still show multiple signs of AI writing.

Final Thoughts

As shown in the example above, AI Undetectable isn’t exactly fit for purpose. It often makes mistakes and regularly creates content that isn’t human enough to get past most of the big AI detectors.

Therefore, if you want a truly consistent, reliable undetectable AI writer, this may not be the one for you. Instead, it’s better to turn to a different tool, like BypassGPT. Our tests have shown BypassGPT to be the most reliable and useful undetectable AI writing platform available right now.

Regardless of the AI Undetectable alternative chosen, it is crucial to utilize it responsibly and ethically.

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