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  • BypassGPT - Best AISEO Alternative Overall

  • Humbot - Best AISEO Alternative for Performance

  • AIHumanizer - Best AISEO Alternative for Casual Users

  • BypassAI - Best AISEO Alternative to Use for Free

  • Undetectable AI - Best AISEO Alternative for Beginners

  • HIX Bypass - Best AISEO Alternative for Reliability

  • StealthWriter - Best AISEO Alternative for Value

  • Smodin - Best AISEO Alternative for Features

  • WriteHuman - Best AISEO Alternative for Mobile Users

  • StealthGPT - Best AISEO Alternative for Pros

  • Why Should I Consider Using An AISEO Alternative?

  • In Summary

10 Best AISEO Alternatives for SEO-friendly AI Text Humanization

AISEO is an undetectable AI writing tool, aimed at helping users maintain their SEO rankings with human-sounding content, made by AI. It’s proven popular with business users and offers a range of features, like support for multiple languages, adjustable tone options, and the ability to improve the readability of a piece of text.

However, in spite of its handy features and SEO benefits, AISEO has some clear drawbacks. Many users complain about the steep learning curve of this tool, as well as its rather awkward user interface and the lack of helpful tutorials. Some users also say that AISEO often produces content that fails to retain its original meaning.

So, given those flaws and problems, you might find yourself in need of a more reliable AISEO alternative. And this guide is here to help with that. Below, we’ll take a deep dive into 10 of the very best AISEO alternatives you can use today.

  1. BypassGPT - Best AISEO Alternative Overall
  2. Humbot - Best AISEO Alternative for Performance
  3. AIHumanizer - Best AISEO Alternative for Casual Users
  4. BypassAI - Best AISEO Alternative to Use for Free
  5. Undetectable AI - Best AISEO Alternative for Beginners
  6. HIX Bypass - Best AISEO Alternative for Reliability
  7. StealthWriter - Best AISEO Alternative for Value
  8. Smodin - Best AISEO Alternative for Features
  9. StealthGPT - Best AISEO Alternative for Pros
  10. WriteHuman - Best AISEO Alternative for Mobile Users

BypassGPT - Best AISEO Alternative Overall

Of all the many undetectable AI writers out there, BypassGPT stands out at the forefront of the industry as a leading name. Specially trained to imitate real human writers and backed by advanced text humanization technology, this tool is capable of producing authentic, high-quality essays, blog posts, webpages, articles, and various other kinds of text.

You can try BypassGPT here:

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use
Bahasa Indonesia
Tiếng Việt
Basa Jawa

Even the best AI detectors like Turnitin and Copyleaks are consistently outsmarted by BypassGPT, as it’s simply so good at crafting SEO-optimized content that feels and sounds truly human. It carefully analyzes each piece of text fed into it, using advanced AI algorithms to spot and remove robotic phrases or AI-sounding elements without changing the original meaning of the provided text.

Use BypassGPT to Bypass All AI Detection Tools

Winston AI
Content at Scale
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Through better word selection, paraphrasing, and restructuring, BypassGPT accurately and reliably writes undetectable AI text with ease. And it’s so simple to use – users can just copy and paste the text they want to transform and then let BypassGPT do all the hard work on their behalf.


Free to start. Premium plans are also available, starting from $12 per month. For that price, you can get up to 5,000 words humanized each month. You can also upgrade your plan to get up to unlimited words per month ($49 per month) for additional content processing needs. BypassGPT also offers annual pricing to help you save some cash, if you have a plan for long-term uses.


  • State-of-the-art text humanization technology
  • Useful for all sorts of content
  • Solid and consistent performance when bypassing AI checkers


  • Free version only works for up to 300 words

Humbot - Best AISEO Alternative for Performance


Humbot is another leading SEO-friendly undetectable AI writer tool, capable of taking even the most bland and boring AI-generated text and making it more readable, more engaging, and much more likely to bypass any AI detector. ZeroGPT, GPTZero, Copyleaks, and Content at Scale all fail to spot this writer in our tests, so it’s definitely doing something right.

Humbot was developed using the most sophisticated text humanization algorithm and specially trained to craft the most human-like in order to get past some of the top AI detection tools on the market. It knows exactly what AI checkers tend to look for, and it alters text accordingly to beat the checkers, without interfering with the text’s original meaning or message.


Humbot is free to try for new users, but you’ll need to sign up for a premium plan to get more word credits. Starting at just $15 for 20,000 words of humanization processing each month. You can also adjust your maximum monthly word limit, all the way up to 500,000 for the most hardcore users. Humbot also offers annual plans which can work out much cheaper than paying monthly.


  • Multiple input methods
  • Speedy and efficient processing
  • Effective at bypassing detectors


  • Minor edits are sometimes needed

AIHumanizer - Best AISEO Alternative for Casual Users


If you’re new to the world of undetectable AI writing, then some of the tools out there might look a little confusing or intimidating to you. You might just want something nice and simple, ideal for casual use, and that’s where AIHumanizer comes in.

Everything about this writer’s design is simple and straightforward. This handy AISEO alternative has an ultra-minimalist interface, and it just gives you a text box to enter your text and a button to humanize it. You can choose from 3 different modes, the Fast, Creative, and the Enhanced, to decide which level of bypass you need depending on your content.


  • Ideal for casual use
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • No frills or complexities
  • Built-in AI content detectors


  • Only works in English

BypassAI - Best AISEO Alternative to Use for Free


BypassAI is another excellent undetectable AI writer to use instead of AISEO. One of the best things about this tool is its very generous free plan, in which users can harness the humanizing powers of BypassAI on any text up to 1,000 words, absolutely free.

Another great aspect of BypassAI is its ability to retain the original meaning of a piece of text, especially from the SEO perspective. This is something that many other tools are sorely lacking. A lot of them can change a piece of content so much that it stops feeling like the original author’s work and affects the SEO effectiveness, but that’s not an issue with BypassAI.

So, not only can this tool produce high quality that bypasses all the big AI detectors (like Sapling, Originality AI, and Crossplag) but it’s also capable of protecting your original messaging in the process.


Free to start, with premium plans beginning at either $15 per month if you pay monthly or $10 per month if you sign up for an annual plan. Those prices allow you to humanize up to 20,000 words per month using BypassAI. You can also adjust the maximum word allowance all the way up to 500,000 per month if you have much larger humanization needs.


  • Retains the original message of the content
  • Very generous free plan to try out
  • Works with lots of different lengths and types of content


  • Only works with copy+paste text for now

Undetectable AI - Best AISEO Alternative for Beginners


If you’re a total beginner in generative AI writing, it might take some time for you to use AI to generate human-like content, so you might need some help to make your AI-generated text sound and read more like human writing. We have something for you, the beginner-friendly AI text humanizer Undetectable AI.

This tool was quite clearly designed with new users in mind. It’s got one of the simplest user interfaces of any undetectable AI writer on the market. So, even if you’ve never worked with AI writers before, you should have no trouble getting to grips with this one and making it work for you.

Plus, Undetectable AI isn’t just a pretty face, it’s also a very reliable and efficient tool. Loaded with advanced text humanization technology, it can process almost any text without damaging the original meaning. Undetectable AI can handle content types ranging from general blog posts to professional research papers.

The outcomes are also impressive. In our testing, Undetectable AI was able to bypass AI detection of some of the most popular AI checkers, and that includes the likes of Turnitin and Copyleaks.


Free to try. Premium plans start at either $15 per month if you pay monthly or $10 per month if you pay annually – the annual plan works out cheaper in the long term. You can also adjust your payment plan with Undetectable AI to suit the exact amount of content you need to humanize, from a minimum word allowance of 20,000 all the way up to a maximum of 500,000.


  • Beginner-friendly for inexperienced users
  • Clean and sleek interface
  • Works well to bypass AI detection


  • Doesn’t have any real advanced features

HIX Bypass - Best AISEO Alternative for Reliability


One of the problems with a lot of undetectable AI writers is inconsistent performance. Sometimes, they’ll work well to get past any AI text checker. Other times, they’ll let you down. Well, if you want a truly reliable tool that gets it right pretty much 100% of the time, HIX Bypass is the one for you.

Boasting some of the best and most state-of-the-art humanization technology of any AI writer around, HIX Bypass achieves easy passes from multiple AI detectors including ZeroGPT, GPTZero, Sapling, and Content at Scale, without changing the original meaning of your provided text.

Whether you’re trying to process your blog posts, web articles, business reports, or complex research papers, HIX Bypass is able to handle and do the perfect humanization for you. This is truly the perfect AI text humanizing solution for individuals or businesses.


Free to try. Premium plans are available with both monthly and annual rates. The cheapest option is to pay annually, with prices starting at just $10 per month. That gets you 10,000 word credits for humanization each month. Alternatively, you can adjust your plan’s word limit all the way up to a maximum of 400,000.


  • Bypasses all the big AI checkers
  • Some of the best tech in the business
  • Great customer support


  • Not the cheapest tool around

StealthWriter - Best AISEO Alternative for Value


Many undetectable AI writers come with their own premium subscription fees. But, before paying up or committing to a premium plan, you might first like to test out a free writer and see what it can do for you.

And if you want to bypass AI detection for free, StealthWriter is a good tool to start with. It has one of the most generous free plans around, offering terrific value for students or anyone else on a tight budget.

Naturally, you get higher word counts and better tech with the paid plan, that is the smarter Ghost Model or the faster Ninja Model, but if you just want to humanize small amounts of content without paying a single cent, you can count on StealthWriter to deliver.


Free version to try. Three premium plans with different word limits, ranging from $20 per month with a 400-word chunk for a total of 20,000 words to $50 per month with a 2,000-word chunk, for up to 100,000 words. All plans allow you to access both the Ghost Model and the Ninja Model.


  • Generous free version
  • Easy to use for newbies
  • Relatively effective at bypassing detection


  • Won’t work on the very best AI checkers

Smodin - Best AISEO Alternative for Features


Smodin isn’t just an undetectable AI writer. It’s a whole suite of AI tools, including AI plagiarism detection, AI chatting, AI homework help, AI summarization, and more. If you want any kind of AI aid, this is a great place to find it.

And, if you’re looking to bypass AI detection and avoid being spotted and penalized by the likes of Turnitin or Winston AI, Smodin’s handy AI detection remover can certainly help out.

It works with both copy and pasted text as well as file uploads, and it’s suitable for use in English and dozens of other languages. It sometimes produces text that needs some adjustment and editing, but it’s still a generally helpful and functional tool to consider.


One free plan and two premium plans. The free plan lets you do up to five rewrites a day of 1,000 characters each. The Rewriter Basic plan ($5 per month) supports unlimited rewrites of 1,000 characters and gives you three credits to use on your rewrites daily. Finally, there’s the Premium plan, which costs $10 per month and gives you 100 credits for unlimited rewrites of 12,000 characters each.


  • Offers lots of content-focused AI tools
  • Works in multiple languages
  • Supports file uploads


  • Doesn’t bypass the best detectors
  • Sometimes produces text with inaccuracies

WriteHuman - Best AISEO Alternative for Mobile Users


Do you do a lot of your work or writing on a mobile device, like a phone or iPad? If so, you’ll need to find an undetectable AI writer that supports mobile usage and won’t let you down when editing and humanizing on a small screen. WriteHuman can help.

Working equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers alike, WriteHuman is a handy undetectable AI writer for bloggers and students. It can work with essays, blog posts, and other kinds of content, making adjustments and rephrasing certain sentences to pass AI detection.

It doesn’t always deliver the same levels of consistency and top-quality writing as some of the other undetectable AI writers out there. However, it’s perfectly suitable for casual or everyday use.


Three payment plans: Basic, Pro, and Ultra. The Basic plan costs $8 per month and lets you humanize content in batches of 600 words, 40 times per month. The Pro plan is priced at $14 per month with a 1,200-word batch, 100 times a month. Finally, the Ultra plan, at $32 per month, supports 3,000 words batches, as many times as you like.


  • Works well on mobile
  • Easy to work with
  • Relatively affordable


  • Doesn’t always bypass AI detectors
  • Sometimes produces text with errors

StealthGPT - Best AISEO Alternative for Pros


While GPTinf is one of the simplest undetectable AI writers around, StealthGPT goes in the opposite direction, offering more features and complexities in order to appeal to the more advanced user crowd.

Whether you want to humanize a blog post, an essay for school, a college paper, or even an email, StealthGPT has the tech to do it for you. They offer the general Infinity Stealth Engine, as well as the more advanced Samuari Engine for better and more accurate results. Thanks to the loaded high-tech, it can appeal to a wide range of users, like students and bloggers.


Three premium plans start at $14.99 per month. They have the same basic features but differ in terms of word count and an advanced processing engine called Samuari. You’ll have to pay a higher monthly fee – $19.99 for Pro or $29.99 for Exclusive – if you need to humanize more content. Annual pricing plans are also available.


  • Good for advanced users
  • Speedy processing times


  • Can be quite pricey
  • Quite strict word count limits

Why Should I Consider Using An AISEO Alternative?

AISEO has gained a lot of users and fans since its launch early in 2023. However, there are several reasons why you might like to consider an AISEO alternative for writing undetectable AI content. Many users complain about the obtuse interface of this app, as well as the unreliability of the content it produces.

We put it to the test, using a ChatGPT-generated 125-word biography of Cleopatra.


We took ChatGPT’s content and asked AISEO to humanize it. The result was quite flawed. The first sentence includes very simplistic phrasing like "she was extra smart and great at politics." The humanized text also added awkward words and phrasing that rob the text of its original meaning and value, like "Roman bigwigs" and "It really shook up politics back then."

The final text did pass AI detectors, like ZeroGPT, but it’s not to the same high standard or readability level as the original. In addition, when we tried to experiment with alternative tones and settings, the app crashed and was stuck in a perpetual loading loop, unable to make any new content until we signed out and back in.

This shows that not only is AISEO not the most reliable undetectable AI writer, but it also needs quite a lot of technical improvement and manual tweaking in order to compete with its leading rivals.

In Summary

As shown in our tests, AISEO is a flawed writer in multiple ways. It can’t truly be trusted to come up with original content that is genuinely well-written, even though it has proven effective at bypassing AI detectors. Often, users will need to make lots of manual edits to the final text that this tool produces, which can lead to a lot of frustration and wasted time.

So, if AISEO isn’t quite good enough for you, you might prefer to work with a trusted alternative instead. And, at the moment, the best tool on the market has to be BypassGPT. Exceptionally reliable, highly consistent, and proven to bypass all the best AI detectors, it’s easily the No. 1 undetectable AI writer to try.

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