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  • 10 of the Best Smodin AI Alternatives

  • BypassGPT – Best Overall Smodin AI Alternative

  • UndetectableAI.ai – Best Smodin Alternative for Contextual Relevance

  • AIHumanizer – Best Smodin Alternative for Humanizing Al Content of All Types

  • BypassAI – Best Smodin Alternative for Balanced Rewriting

  • Humbot – Best Smodin Alternative for Different Writing Styles

  • HIX Bypass – Most Versatile Smodin AI Alternative

  • GPTInf – Best Smodin Alternative for Sentence Structuring

  • StealthGPT – Best Smodin Alternative for Articles

  • AISEO – Best Smodin Alternative for Website Owners

  • Undetectable AI – Best Smodin Alternative for Students

  • Why Should I Consider Using A Smodin AI Alternative?

  • BypassGPT is a Better Alternative to Smodin AI

Best 10 Smodin AI Alternatives to Bypass AI Detection

Smodin AI offers a lot as an AI bypass tool. Not only can it rewrite your provided content in a more human-like way, but it also supports dozens of languages – with the ability to automatically detect which language you're using, it can produce appropriate, humanized, and localized content for professional uses.

But the results are not always promising.

The free version is extremely limited and the tool itself says that its removal of AI detection is only 85% consistent. Not ideal if you need 100% removal. So, you need some more capable alternatives, with the 10 listed here each offering something that Smodin may not deliver.

10 of the Best Smodin AI Alternatives

  1. BypassGPT – Best Overall Smodin AI Alternative
  2. UndetectableAI.ai – Best Smodin Alternative for Contextual Relevance
  3. AIHumanizer – Best Smodin Alternative for Humanizing Al Content of All Types
  4. BypassAI – Best Smodin Alternative for Balanced Rewriting
  5. Humbot – Best Smodin Alternative for Different Writing Styles
  6. HIX Bypass – Most Versatile Smodin AI Alternative
  7. GPTInf – Best Smodin Alternative for Sentence Structuring
  8. StealthGPT – Best Smodin Alternative for Articles
  9. AISEO – Best Smodin Alternative for Website Owners
  10. Undetectable AI – Best Smodin Alternative for Students

BypassGPT – Best Overall Smodin AI Alternative

BypassGPT has a lot going for it in terms of how well it can rewrite and restructure your content. This tool is backed by advanced text humanization technology with the capability to fully mimic human writing without changing the original meaning while processing your provided content, making it possible for the results to bypass popular AI detectors on the market, including GPTZero, Copyleaks, and the notoriously strict Originality.ai.

BypassGPT Can Outsmart All AI Detectors

Winston AI
Content at Scale
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Users can set a "Readability" level, with options ranging from high school to journalistic or marketing writing – a guarantee that your AI content won't ping because it doesn't read as it should. Plus, you can set a purpose for the copy. Most will find the "General Writing" option does the job. But you have the choice to arrange your AI content into a report, story, or even an essay, should you need them.

That wealth of options doesn't come at the cost of simplicity – a single click is all you need to rewrite and humanize your AI-generated content. The output will always be less "robotic" than that delivered by an AI, making BypassGPT worth a try if you need a Smodin AI Alternative.

You can try BypassGPT below:

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use
Bahasa Indonesia
Tiếng Việt
Basa Jawa


With its clever sliding scale, users can adjust pricing packages based on their needs. Packages start from $12 per month for 5,000 words, going up to a maximum of $49 for unlimited words. You will also save more cash if you consider opting for their annual plans.


  • Tons of variations on writing styles offered
  • Output is of a high standard
  • The tool rarely makes spelling or grammar mistakes


  • You're limited to 300 words in the free version
  • Lacks a built-in plagiarism detector
  • Not able to process content from URLs or files

UndetectableAI.ai – Best Smodin Alternative for Contextual Relevance


Losing the original context of your piece can be a problem with AI bypass tools, which often rewrite to the extent that a sentence's meaning gets lost. That's not an issue with Undetectable AI (https://undetectableai.ai/) – it maintains the meaning behind your words as it rewrites thanks to the latest text humanization algorithms.

It's easy to use, too. Simply paste your copy into the tool and click the "Humanize" button to get an AI-evading output. The tool can automatically connect to various AI detectors to check the generated results for you without leaving the site, a very nice feature to have compared to most similar AI text humanizers.


You'll get 20,000 words of rewritten copy per month for $15, with pricing then working on a sliding scale up to $72 per month, which gets you 500,000 words. An annual subscription with a monthly discount is also available for you to save more bucks.


  • Simple copy and pasting mechanism
  • Removes and rewrites up to 1,000 words of copy per piece
  • Excellent at maintaining the meaning in your words


  • May be too simplistic for more advanced users
  • Can't work with URLs or files
  • Occasionally glitchy in Google Chrome

AIHumanizer – Best Smodin Alternative for Humanizing Al Content of All Types


While AIHumanizer is able to humanize your text, using one of the three different bypass modes for specific content needs, that's not its only feature. Loaded with advanced AI text humanization technology, it's also capable of improving the readability and content flow of the writing in that text so as to elevate the overall quality of your provided content.

This feature set makes this Smodin AI alternative as much a content rewriter that you can use for non-AI copy as it is a simple AI detection bypasser – ideal for people who need something multifunctional.


  • Adjustable content bypass levels
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Advanced text humanization algorithm
  • Able to improve readability and overall content quality


  • Limited free testing words

BypassAI – Best Smodin Alternative for Balanced Rewriting


While Smodin does an okay job at bypassing AI detection, Bypass AI takes it a step further by being able to bypass the most sensitive AI detectors currently available. It does this by using intelligent AI text humanization algorithms to rewrite and humanize text, creating a more natural ebb and flow to an AI writer's output so that detectors can't catch it.

Furthermore, BypassAI handles rewriting while maintaining the original context of your AI piece. As a result, you don't have to worry about seemingly random passages showing up in copy or sentences that don't make sense when stacked against the original piece.


Users can try for free and humanize up to 1,000 words right away. Pay-to-use plans are also available, starting from $15 per month with 20,000 words of text humanization, with the sliding scale going up to 500,000 words for $72. Additional discounts apply when opt for annual plans.


  • Rewrites content so that it bypasses even the most sensitive of AI detectors
  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Powered by a comprehensive algorithm designed to humanize AI-generated text


  • Does not offer any options to change the readability level of its rewriting
  • Only rewrites 1,000 characters at a time
  • Can't rewrite files or URLs

Humbot – Best Smodin Alternative for Different Writing Styles


Coming out of the gates with the ability to process AI-generated content from various AI language models, Humbot stands apart because it can get to grips with almost any type of copy thrown at it. Whether you looking to rewrite school essays, complex research papers, or professional business documents, Humbot can surely handle them all.

Also, thanks to the latest text humanization processing technology, Humbot is able to convert the provided content into highly readable human-like text, without damaging the original context and meaning.


Operating on a sliding scale, pricing starts at $15 per month (netting you 20,000 words) and goes up to $72 for 500,000 words.


  • Built-in AI checker ranks existing content
  • Stable AI text humanization performance, high passing rates


  • Glitchy user interface
  • Makes the occasional grammatical mistake

HIX Bypass – Most Versatile Smodin AI Alternative


Versatility is guaranteed with HIX Bypass because it is backed by HIX.AI's specially developed AI-generated text humanization engine. This allows HIX Bypass to efficiently rewrite any type of content generated from ChatGPT, Google Bard, as well as the more advanced GPT-4, to evade AI detection.

Its rewritten content can bypass the majority of AI detectors currently available, including GPTZero, Copyleaks, and the notoriously strict Originality.ai. Combine all of that with the ability to preserve the context of your original piece as it rewrites and you have a tool that offers legible rewritten content with a more human touch.


Users can try HIX Bypass for free without an account to humanize up to 125 words. From there, its monthly plans start from $19.99 for 10,000 words per month, extending to a maximum of $199.99 for 400,000 words. Opting for annual plans allows you to save up to 50% on the price of this advanced AI text humanizer.


  • Able to handle content in more than 30 languages
  • Able to rewrite content generated from the most popular AI language model
  • Consistent bypassing performance against sensitive AI detection tools


  • A touch expensive because you're also buying other tools
  • Only rewrite 125 words for free
  • No ability to upload files or URLs

GPTInf – Best Smodin Alternative for Sentence Structuring


GPTInf leverages what it calls "Burstiness" to help rewriting your content get around AI checkers. This buzzwordy term essentially means that the tool restructures your content, varying expressions and vocabulary, and adjusting sentence length and syntax, so they more closely follow the ebbs and flows you'd expect from a human writer.

Combine that with its "Perplexity," output, which uses uncommon synonyms that an AI likely wouldn't use, and you end up with content that's less predictable and "robotic."


Packages offered by GPTInf are highly customizable. Starting at $12 monthly for 10,000 words, the tool's pricing reaches a maximum of $349 per month, netting you 500,000 words for massive content processing needs.


  • Eliminates the robotic tone that many AI copy generators use
  • Comes with a handy free trial
  • No charge if the copy doesn't overcome detectors


  • Relatively more expensive compared to similar tools
  • Output sometimes comes across as overly mangled
  • You have to sign up to try the tool

StealthGPT – Best Smodin Alternative for Articles


Many tools you'll use to bypass AI detectors limit you to a fairly small number of words, with 300 to 500-word chunks being common. StealthGPT bucks that trend by rewriting up to 2,000 words at a time – ideal for those who want to retain the context of long articles while still bypassing AI.

Despite having access to the Infinity Stealth Engine as well as the more powerful Samuari engine, it's a tool that's still under development, which means it's prone to the occasional mistake. Still, it makes up for that by offering a handy Google Chrome extension.


StealthGPT has three pricing tiers:

  • Essential – For $14.99 per month, you get access to 100,000 rewritten words, as well as StealthGPT's Infinity Engine, which can rewrite up to 750 words at a time.
  • Pro – Costing $19.99 per month, the "Pro" tier increases your word count to 500,000, with Infinity Engine capable of rewriting up to 1,500 words per entry.
  • Exclusive – As StealthGPT's most expensive tier, "Exclusive" offers one million words and is capable of processing requests up to 2,000 words for $29.99 per month.


  • Extremely easy for new users to understand
  • Free trial gives you seven days to try the software
  • Affiliate program offered for social influencers


  • Prone to bugs and errors due to still being in development
  • Occasional syntax issues because of its sentence restructuring
  • Costs more than similar tools

AISEO – Best Smodin Alternative for Website Owners


With its ability to import content from URLs, AISEO is more useful for website owners than Smodin, which only rewrites content from files or that's pasted into the tool. Website owners can import copy from their sites and have the tool rewrite it to bypass detection, with helpful options to simplify or improve the content's readability improving the quality of the output.

Fascinatingly, AISEO also features a dynamic "Human Content Indicator" that skillfully assesses and underscores the portions of the rewritten text that convincingly mimics human authorship, providing users with valuable insights into the human-like quality of their interactions.


AISEO offers three pricing tiers, starting at $19 per month for the "Grow" plan, giving you access to its Bypass AI tool and 500 AI rewriting credits. The "Scale" and "Team" plans cost $34 and $79 per month respectively. Both provide unlimited AI rewriting, including unlimited content that's capable of bypassing AI.


  • Works with over 25 languages
  • Can improve readability as well as humanize
  • Selection of three tones of voice


  • No ability to upload files
  • Its 90% pass rate isn't perfect
  • "Human Content Indicator" is slow to generate results

Undetectable AI – Best Smodin Alternative for Students


Undetectable AI is a powerful AI text rewriting tool that's capable of running the content it generates through AI checkers in real-time. These checkers include GPTZero, Crossplag, and Scribbr, with the tool using a color-coding system to tell you how likely the content it generates is to pass. That's especially useful to cash-strapped students, who can see how the rewritten content is likely to perform without paying for detection tools themselves.

As for the quality of its output, you can alter readability based on the intended audience, as well as adjust its AI text humanizing to focus on being more readable or more human. The latter option does a better job of mimicking the ebbs and flows of human writing, making the output more likely to pass AI detectors, while the former may improve the overall readability but will also increase the chances of being detected.


Using its sliding scale, Undetectable AI's pricing starts at $9.99 for 10,000 words per month, extending to 380,000 words for a $209 monthly fee. For all pricing tiers, you receive content that can bypass AI detection, as well as comprehensive email support from Undetectable AI. Annual payments are also available, which provide discounts if you pay for an entire year upfront. Plus, businesses have access to custom pricing based on the number of words per month that they need.


  • Offers many writing style options to suit all types of content
  • Color coding system highlights AI content
  • Works well with rewriting AI-generated academic content


  • Not the best choice for altering creative writing
  • A little complicated for new users
  • Costs more than comparable tools

Why Should I Consider Using A Smodin AI Alternative?

There are several reasons to look for alternatives to Smodin AI, starting with its self-confessed 85% bypass rate. Other tools offer 100% – or close to it – making Smodin appear a little behind the times. It also seems to completely fail at tackling more sensitive AI detectors, such as Originality.ai. The following is an example of Smodin AI's output being placed through Originality.ai:


As you can see, the copy is flagged as being "100% AI" despite having supposedly been humanized. As such, Smodin's output still needs editing by a human – perhaps to add more personal touches and human-like expressions – and may not be strong enough to overcome all detection tools.

BypassGPT is a Better Alternative to Smodin AI

Given Smodin's disappointing performance when tasked with bypassing Originality.ai, it's clear the tool isn't as effective as some of the alternatives currently available. That's not to say it's a bad tool – its output still overcomes less sensitive checkers – but you may find that the alternatives presented in this list do a better job.

Of the ten, we consider that BypassGPT is the best Smodin alternative. It's more consistent in terms of its AI text rewriting capability, its consistently high AI detection bypass rate, and its ability to produce high-quality human-like content while offering a host of options users can take advantage of to tweak their copy.

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