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  • BypassGPT - Best WriteHuman Alternative Overall

  • HIX Bypass - Best WriteHuman Alternative to Bypass All Major Detectors

  • AIHumanizer - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Students

  • Undetectable AI - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Error-Free Writing

  • Humbot - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Ease-of-use

  • StealthGPT - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Everyday Use

  • BypassAI - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Technology

  • Smodin - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Features

  • AISEO - Best WriteHuman Alternative for SEO-friendly Results

  • StealthWriter - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Advanced Users

  • Why Choose a WriteHuman Alternative?

  • Conclusion

10 Best WriteHuman Alternatives to Produce Human-like Writing Content

WriteHuman is an undetectable AI writer, aimed at helping users bypass AI detection. It launched in 2023, and users can simply copy and paste AI-generated text into WriteHuman and then let this tool remove elements that would usually be detected by platforms like ZeroGPT. This can help students, professionals, and other users get past AI detectors.

However, WriteHuman is far from perfect. It has some notable drawbacks and downsides, and some users find that it doesn’t always create the most consistent, usable results. Users may have to put extra effort into manually editing their texts to ensure that they remain readable and engaging, while also being able to bypass AI detection.

Since WriteHuman has a few flaws, you might prefer to use an alternative undetectable AI writer tool instead. That’s what this guide is here to help with. Below, we’ll shine the spotlight on 10 alternative undetectable AI writers you can use instead of WriteHuman to create truly undetectable AI-generated text.

  1. BypassGPT - Best WriteHuman Alternative Overall
  2. HIX Bypass - Best WriteHuman Alternative to Bypass All Major Detectors
  3. AIHumanizer - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Students
  4. Undetectable AI - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Error-Free Writing
  5. Humbot - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Ease-of-use
  6. StealthGPT - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Everyday Use
  7. BypassAI - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Technology
  8. Smodin - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Features
  9. AISEO - Best WriteHuman Alternative for SEO-friendly Results
  10. StealthWriter - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Advanced Users

BypassGPT - Best WriteHuman Alternative Overall

BypassGPT is a leading undetectable AI writer platform, launched in 2023. It makes use of advanced text humanization algorithms and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to humanize AI content in a single click. With this tool, users are able to transform AI-written essays and robotic-sounding blog posts into content that sounds much more human.

You can try BypassGPT below:

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use
Bahasa Indonesia
Tiếng Việt
Basa Jawa

There are a range of key features included with BypassGPT. Specially designed to mimic the writing style of an expert human writer, BypassGPT is able to retain the original meaning and feel of a piece of text, conveying the same message, but with more human-like expressions and phrases, as opposed to the usual AI-generated output. As a result, it can bypass some of the most popular and strict AI detectors on the market, including Originality.ai and GPTZero.

Use BypassGPT to Bypass All AI Detectors

Winston AI
Content at Scale
brand img

BypassGPT also has a range of other powerful capabilities that help it stand out from the pack. It can produce SEO-friendly output, for example, and provides customizable readability levels, so you can pick the precise complexity and depth of each piece of text you generate with this platform.


Free to start. Premium plans are also available. Starting from $12 per month, you can get up to 5,000 word credits for text humanization. You are also allowed to get up to unlimited words for $49 per month for massive content processing. Of course, you can consider opting for annual subscriptions to get additional discounts as well.


  • Retains the original meaning and message of your text
  • Uses cutting-edge text humanization technology to power its AI writing
  • Adjustable readability levels to suit different audiences


  • Free version only supports short texts

HIX Bypass - Best WriteHuman Alternative to Bypass All Major Detectors


HIX Bypass is another highly rated undetectable AI writer. This one comes from the team behind HIX.AI, which is one of the best-performing AI writing solutions available right now. Rivaling the likes of ChatGPT and Bard, HIX.AI has attracted many users since its launch, and in 2023, it introduced the new HIX Bypass service.

As the name suggests, HIX Bypass is designed to bypass popular AI detection platforms, such as Copyleaks and Content at Scale. Unlike a lot of other so-called undetectable AI writers, this one really works, with genuinely impressive results that reliably bypass most detector tools.

HIX Bypass also has the benefit of keeping the original meaning of your text, which can't be said for all undetectable AI writers. Indeed, many of them can twist or alter the original text's meaning in certain ways, changing its message, but HIX Bypass has been designed to protect the writer’s original intent.


Free to try. Premium plans start at $10 per month, which lets you humanize up to 10,000 words each month if you pay annually. If you prefer to pay monthly, the minimum rate is $19.99 per month, also for 10,000 words. So it’s much better value to pay annually, rather than monthly, and you can flexibly adjust your plan to suit the exact word limit you need.


  • Very effective at bypassing most tools
  • Retains the original purpose and message of the text
  • Powered by a trusted AI writing brand


  • More expensive than many other tools

AIHumanizer - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Students


AIHumanizer is an undetectable AI writing platform offering advanced AI text humanization services, primarily aimed at students and academic professionals who need to use AI writers on a regular basis but don't want to have their content detected or flagged as AI-created by detector tools.

Like many similar tools, AIHumanizer lets you paste content into a box and then transform it into a more human-sounding piece of text. This WriteHuman alternative also allows you to choose from 3 different bypass modes, ranging from Fast, Creative, and Enhanced, for better content optimization and AI detection bypass capabilities.


  • Offers a range of bypass levels
  • Built-in AI content checkers
  • Affordable pricing structure


  • Limited free testing words

Undetectable AI - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Error-Free Writing


Undetectable AI is another leading undetectable AI writer you might like to turn to instead of WriteHuman. This tool also burst onto the scene in 2023 in response to the rising levels of demand for truly undetectable AI-generated content, and it has since proven useful for various kinds of writers, from freelancers to students.

Part of what makes Undetectable AI stand out from the crowd is its capacity to create genuinely error-free writing. A lot of AI writers sometimes make little mistakes or repeat the same words too often, damaging readability. However, users can rely on Undetectable AI to deliver consistently high-quality content.

Like the other best undetectable AI writers on this list, Undetectable AI is also able to retain the original meaning of the text, rather than deviating or distorting the writer's intent in any way.


Free to try, with premium plans starting at $15 per month if you pay monthly or $10 per month if subscribed annually, which is a better option for long-term uses. You can also adjust the monthly word limit of your payment plan from 20,000 all the way up to a maximum of 500,000, depending on how much content you have to humanize.


  • Makes error-free, consistent content
  • Doesn’t distort the writer’s message
  • Very simple to work with for beginners


  • The user interface is quite basic

Humbot - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Ease-of-use


Humbot claims to harness the power of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art AI technology in order to bypass AI detection tools like Turnitin, Copyleaks, and ZeroGPT. Launched in 2023, this particular undetectable AI writer was clearly designed with beginners in mind, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that shouldn’t cause any confusion for new users.

So, if you've never used an AI writing tool like this before, you shouldn't have any issues getting started. BypassDetection makes everything easy to understand, and users can transform their text with ease. All you need to do is to just paste in the text you want to change, that's it!

Once you’ve done that, Humbot will then do all the hard work for you, taking your AI-generated text and making the necessary alterations and adjustments to make it sound more natural and human.


Free trial available for new users. Premium plans start at $15 per month if you choose to pay monthly, or $10 per month ($120 per year) when paying annually. The cheapest plan will let you humanize a maximum of 20,000 words each month, but you can adjust your monthly spending and get a higher word limit if needed.


  • Very beginner-friendly and easy to use
  • Works with pure text, files, and content from URLs
  • Bypasses most major detectors


  • Content consistency is still in question

StealthGPT - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Everyday Use


StealthGPT is an undetectable AI writer that aims to offer users the ability to create undetectable AI content of all lengths, styles, and types. Whether you're looking to generate something as simple as an email or as complex as a college paper, StealthGPT can help.

This tool claims to create undetectable AI content, bypassing all the big detectors like GPTZero, Turnitin, Winston AI, and more. It also offers a useful Chrome extension, so users can transform AI-generated text at any time in their browsers.

The big downside with StealthGPT is pricing. With the cheapest monthly plan costing $14.99, this tool may be too expensive for some.


Essential, Pro, and Exclusive premium plans, priced at $14.99, $19.99, and $29.99 per month, respectively. The Essential plan gives you 100,000 words each month in batches of 750. The Pro plan comes with 500,000 words a month in batches of 1,500. And the Exclusive plan offers 1,000,000 words a month in batches of 2,000.


  • Useful for short and long-form content
  • Easy to work with for beginners
  • Handy Chrome extension


  • Quite an expensive tool
  • The extension only works for Chrome, not other browsers

BypassAI - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Technology


BypassAI is a leading provider of undetectable AI writing services. Powered by some of the strongest and most up-to-date humanization technology in the industry right now, this tool aims to empower users, giving them the ability to take any piece of AI-generated text and make it 100% undetectable in no time at all, just with a single click.

With highly advanced algorithms and machine learning models, BypassAI is able to deliver very high-quality results. Whether you're trying to transform an essay or make a blog post sound more human, this tool can do it, churning out well-written, highly readable pieces of text, time after time.

When it comes to bypassing AI detectors, BypassAI continues to impress. Testing shows that this tool is able to get around almost all of the AI detectors currently available on the market.


Free for new users to try, with premium plans starting from either $15 per month if you pay monthly or $10 per month if you choose to pay annually. At $15 per month, you’ll get to humanize up to 10,000 words. If that’s not enough, BypassAI also lets you adjust your payment plan and pay more each month or year for a bigger word allowance, all the way up to 500k.


  • Simple one-click humanization
  • Very powerful AI writing technology
  • Creates high-quality, readable text


  • Doesn’t work with uploaded files or URLs like its competitor, only pasted text

Smodin - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Features


Smodin is a multifunctional undetectable AI writing platform supporting a wide range of AI-powered features. It can offer AI rewriting, plagiarism checks, AI writing in various styles and lengths, AI chat, and AI homework for students, too.

Users can copy and paste their text into the box provided and let Smodin write it in a more human and less AI style. It also lets you upload files, like PDFs or DOCs to be transformed and humanized.

Smodin is quite generous with its free version, which supports texts of up to 1,000 words. However, it lacks accuracy and reliability compared to other tools, with only an 85% consistency score when testing with most AI writing detectors.


Free version which lets you humanize up to five times daily. Rewriter Basic plan, costing $5/month, which supports unlimited rewrites and provides three writing credits each day. Rewriter Premium plan is also available for $10 per month, providing unlimited rewrites of longer pieces of text – 12,000 characters instead of 1,000 with the other plans.


  • Free to try
  • Works with long pieces of text
  • Lots of other AI features


  • Not the most reliable
  • Generated text often needs additional editing

AISEO - Best WriteHuman Alternative for SEO-friendly Results


AISEO, as the name implies, is an AI-powered content writing tool that is oriented around SEO, or search engine optimization. Ideal for business users and bloggers, it aims to create content that is both undetectable as AI and effective for SEO rankings.

With a 90% pass rate, AISEO bypasses a lot of AI detectors more often than not. However, users may still have to write some original text themselves or make some edits to the content that AISEO produces.

And, like a lot of other undetectable AI writers, AISEO has a free plan for you to try (which is quite limited) as well as an array of premium paid plans for business users.


Free 3-day trial for new users. Three premium plans - Grow, Scale, and Team. Prices start at $24 per month for the Grow plan, rising to $49 per month for Scale and $99 per month for Team. The more expensive plans offer additional features and technology. There are also annual pricing plans available to help users save some money.


  • Good for business users with large volume uses
  • May help boost SEO results
  • Works with short and long text


  • Cluttered interface
  • Not the most beginner-friendly tool

StealthWriter - Best WriteHuman Alternative for Advanced Users


StealthWriter is the last entry on our list of undetectable AI writers. It aims to help you transform typical AI-generated text into human-like, authentic, original content that you can share on your blog, website, or even hand in at school and work.

It offers two plans, a free Ninja plan and a paid Ghost plan. The Ghost plans feature much stronger technology, so you'll have to pay up in order to get the best results with this tool, as the free plan isn't as reliable.

StealthWriter also has three levels of "aggression" for you to decide how strongly the tool works to humanize your content. It’s handy for advanced users but may cause hassle and wasted time for newbies.


Free to try. Three different premium plans from $20 per month, each with different monthly word limits. The Basic plan is $20/month and supports up to 20,000 words a month. The Standard plan costs $35/month and works for 50,000 words. Finally, there’s the Premium plan at $50/month for 100,000 words overall.


  • Useful for advanced and professional users
  • Varying aggression levels
  • Impressive Ghost Model & Ninja Model to handle various content needs


  • Confusing for new users
  • The free version doesn’t work too well for testing purposes

Why Choose a WriteHuman Alternative?

So, why would you want to consider a WriteHuman alternative in the first place? Well, one of the downsides with WriteHuman, which many users have commented on in user reviews, is that it doesn't always produce 100% human-sounding text. We put this to the test ourselves with a quick 200-word example.

First, we asked ChatGPT to write 200 words about the life of famed boxer, Muhammad Ali.


We then took the resulting content and let WriteHuman upgrade it. The screenshot below shows WriteHuman’s “Enhanced Output.”


Finally, we copied the text from WriteHuman into Content at Scale’s AI detector.


While most of the text is marked green and seems human-written, there are still several sentences that flag up as possibly being AI-generated and sounding too robotic. This shows that, while WriteHuman isn’t a bad undetectable AI writer, it’s still flawed, and users may have to spend their own time and energy fixing those remaining AI sentences.


Overall, it’s clear that WriteHuman is a fairly reliable undetectable AI writer, but it still isn’t quite perfect. It has some notable downsides, such as its regular failure to produce 100% human-sounding content, even in small texts and posts. It’s also quite expensive compared to many other tools on the market.

If you’d like to consistently create human-sounding text with AI and bypass AI detection without having to spend big or worry about inconsistencies, it’s best to choose an alternative undetectable AI writer. In our view, BypassGPT is currently the top option available, providing consistently impressive, reliable results in all tests.

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