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Humbot Review: Can It Bypass AI Detectors?

The rise of AI writers like ChatGPT has changed the landscape of written content creation. Consequently, many individuals have turned to AI for assistance in content creation. However, AI detectors like GPTZero can identify AI-created content, leading to potential restrictions.

In response to this challenge, undetectable AI writers have come to the fore, offering a potential solution. One such tool is Humbot, which claims to transform AI text into undetectable humanized content.

But is Humbot truly the optimal choice? Find out all about it with our in-depth Humbot review.

Embrace the Power of BypassGPT

Before going into the details of Humbot, check out Bypass GPT. Explore its cutting-edge technology to create AI-written content that bypasses AI detectors, transforming the way you use AI writing.

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use

What Is Humbot?


As mentioned, Humbot is an undetectable AI writer. Introduced to the world in 2023, it was designed to assist users in circumventing AI detection effortlessly.

Users can input plain text, upload files, or provide URLs to the input box for humanization. It will then rewrite the text into undetectable content that can bypass major AI checkers such as Originality.ai and Content at Scale.

Furthermore, the tool can confirm if both the input and output content pass popular AI detection evaluations, saving users the effort of repeatedly checking through AI checkers.

Humbot Key Features

With an overview in mind, let's delve into the specifics of Humbot by exploring some of its key features and functions:

Humanization Technology

Humbot has industry-leading humanization technology. It can take a piece of AI-made text and make it sound much more human. It effortlessly enables AI content to bypass most existing AI checkers, including ZeroGPT, Turnitin, Copyleaks, Winston AI, and more.

High-Quality Content

The rewritten content is not only humanized but also preserves its quality and authenticity. It ensures that there are no unusual expressions or grammatical errors in the output. Furthermore, the original meaning and creativity remain intact.

Check for the Signs of AI

Not only can Humbot help you humanize AI content, but it also includes an all-in-one AI detector. It can scan the output text and run it through multiple AI checkers to see if it will be flagged as AI-generated or not.

3 Input Options

Most AI detection removers typically require you to paste your text into the input box, but Humbot offers two additional options. You can upload files or provide URLs, from which it will extract the text and then humanize it.

Advanced Filters and Adjustable Settings

Humbot also has an array of adjustable options that enable you to customize the outcomes of the humanization content. You can modify readability, writing style, rewrite level, purpose, and more to align with your specific needs.

Does Humbot Bypass AI Checkers? Putting It to the Test

Of course, there’s no point in using an AI detection remover tool if it can’t actually bypass AI detectors. So, how effective truly is Humbot? To find out, we put it to the test.

The first step was generating some AI content. We used ChatGPT to create a simple 150-word text about the city of Paris, France, as shown below.


We then used Humbot to humanize the text. This was easily done by copying and pasting the text into Humbot and pressing the Humanize button, which gave us the following results.


The next step was to take the humanized text and see whether or not it could bypass leading AI detection tools. We fed it into Scribbr, Writer.com, and ZeroGPT, with the following results.




The results were very positive, with all three detectors finding that Humbot’s humanization efforts were good enough to pass as human-written text.

Is There a Better Option Than Humbot?

Humbot is clearly a good all-around AI undetectable writer. In testing, it has been proven to bypass most detectors more often than not. However, it might not have all the features or advanced tech you’re looking for. So, you might like to look for Humbot alternatives.


BypassGPT is one of the best options available right now. It is developed and trained to mimic the writing styles of real human writers through top-notch humanization technology.

This means that BypassGPT is consistently able to get around the big AI detection platforms. Not only that, but it also produces high-quality, error-free content without any plagiarism. It also keeps essential keywords from your input text, optimizing your content for search engines.

With BypassGPT, you can rest assured that your AI-generated content will transform into premium quality, human-like text that avoids being flagged as spam or restricted.

Summing Up

Overall, Humbot has plenty of advantages. It’s got some strong technology and generally does a good job of rewriting content to suit the user’s needs. It’s also got lots of advanced features to help you customize your results.

However, it also presents some drawbacks, prompting consideration of more reliable and consistent alternatives. For unparalleled reliability and performance, BypassGPT stands as the top recommendation currently available in the market.

Feel free to give it a try, and experience the peace of mind it brings.

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