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Bypass Content at Scale: How to Easily Avoid AI Detection

There are many AI writing platforms out there that can create entire essays, articles, and reams of blog posts in a matter of seconds. These tools can save companies and individuals huge amounts of time on content creation, changing the game for marketing, SEO, and more.

However, as well as AI writers, there are also AI detectors, such as Content at Scale. These tools are designed to spot the signs of AI-generated text and flag it. But there are ways to bypass Content at Scale AI detection, so you won’t have to worry about your posts and articles being marked as AI. This guide will show you how.

Bypass Content at Scale Instantly with BypassGPT

Transform your AI writing to fly under the AI detection radar of Content at Scale by employing Bypass GPT, the innovative tool to help you get high human score.

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use

Everything You Need to Know About Content at Scale


Content at Scale is both an AI writer and an AI detection tool, used by individuals and companies around the world for spotting AI-written content, like blog posts.

The company was founded by Justin McGill. McGill started off with barely any money, setting up his own marketing agency called LeadFuze, and later beginning work on his new AI tool: Content at Scale.

Content at Scale can accurately determine whether or not a post or piece of text was AI-made. That’s a problem for professionals, writers, or students who use AI for their education or work and don’t want teachers or employers to find out about it.

How to Bypass Content at Scale AI Detection?

Content at Scale’s AI detection is regarded as highly accurate, and it can usually tell if a piece has been either entirely or partly written by AI. However, there are ways to bypass Content at Scale AI detection. This is important to learn if you plan on using AI writers on a regular basis, and it could help with marketing and building up your brand.

Undetectable AI Writing

One of the simplest and most effective ways to bypass Content at Scale AI detection is with the use of an undetectable AI writer, like BypassGPT. BypassGPT was built to meet the needs of modern AI writer users, bypassing all of the big AI detectors, including Content at Scale, with its powerful humanization technology. It can humanize any piece of AI-made text without detracting from the original meaning.

See How Effectively BypassGPT Beats Content at Scale and Other AI Detectors

Content at Scale
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See bellow for some of the key features and benefits of BypassGPT:


  • Humanize text in a single click, turning robotic, AI-written posts and pages into content that looks and feels significantly more human.
  • Write or rewrite both short and long-form texts, from little blog posts and marketing articles to entire essays and PhD papers.
  • Choose from an array of readability levels to suit a range of audiences, from simple high school standards up to journalist-level content.


  • Proven effective at bypassing Content at Scale and other AI detectors.
  • Uses industry-leading, cutting-edge tech to get results.
  • Improves AI-written text without damaging its message or meaning.

As well as using an undetectable AI writer, you can also try out the methods below to reliably bypass Content at Scale AI detection:

Limit Your AI Usage

Don’t use AI to write entire posts, pages, and essays. Instead, write some parts manually (or hire a writer) and use AI for the rest.

Experiment with Prompts

Play around with more unique prompts when working with AI writer platforms. You could ask them to write posts “in the style of” certain blogs or websites, for instance.


Restructure your articles, moving paragraphs around and inserting new headers, sub-headers, and sections to create more readable content.

Word Replacement

Make manual edits to your posts and articles, adding in a wider range of vocabulary and swapping out some of the most common or basic words and phrases.


Paraphrase your articles, chopping down the lengthy, wordy sections into smaller, easier-to-read chunks and simpler sentences.

Why Bypass Content at Scale?

  • Readability: While AI tools are great for mass-producing content, they can sometimes write text that isn’t particularly interesting or engaging. By rewriting and editing it to bypass Content at Scale AI detection, you can improve its readability.
  • Profit: Having more readable, unique, and engaging content can also help with profits. For example, if you have an article that is genuinely interesting, readers are more likely to stick around to the end, read your CTAs, and maybe even make a purchase.
  • Avoiding Detection: In some cases, you may have used AI to write something, but want to prevent anyone - like teachers or employers - from finding out. You therefore need to be able to bypass Content at Scale and other AI detectors.


There can be no doubt that AI writing tools like HIX.AI and ChatGPT are the future. They make writing blogs, essays, and articles infinitely easier and faster than before, with thousands of words generated in a matter of seconds. But, if you’re going to use these kinds of tools on a regular basis, you need to be able to bypass the big AI detectors, like Content at Scale.

As this guide has shown, there are several useful ways to get around Content at Scale’s AI detection capabilities. Using an undetectable AI writer like BypassGPT is one of the smartest and most straightforward methods, and you can head to the BypassGPT website today and test it out for yourself.

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