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What Is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an AI-powered platform that mainly provides paraphrasing assistance, along with many other writing aids. As probably the most searched paraphrasing tool, it has now become a service with over 30 million active users per month.

QuillBot was founded by Rohan Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin in 2017, before they decided to drop out of college to dedicate themselves to their business. As a milestone of their growth, they managed to secure $4.25 million in seed funding in 2020.

In 2021, QuillBot was acquired by Course Hero (later rebranded as Learneo), an online education and productivity platform which also owns other well-known learning services like CliffsNotes, Scribbr, and LanguageTool.

Understanding QuillBot's Paraphrasing Capabilities

Understanding QuillBot's Paraphrasing Capabilities

The paraphrasing tool is QuillBot's primary feature. Powered by their proprietary natural language processing technology, it paraphrases your text by making changes to its wording while retaining the essence of its original meaning.

The QuillBot rewording tool offers 3 change levels, 9 tone options and supports 23 languages. It also offers the drop-down thesaurus feature, allowing you to click a word/phrase in the paraphrased text and bring up a list of synonyms for you to replace the word with.

QuillBot's proficiency in substituting words makes it beneficial for mild rewording. But you may face difficulties with complex paraphrasing, as QuillBot rarely does comprehensive text restructuring, a task that advanced generative AIs like ChatGPT can handle with ease.

Can QuillBot Bypass AI Detection?

While QuillBot's paraphrasing tool is popular, they may not be a reliable tool to bypass AI detection. As mentioned earlier, the way they do paraphrasing is mainly mechanical word substitutions. A text rewritten with this method can still easily get flagged as AI-generated.

See the following real detection results of a ChatGPT-generated text paraphrased by QuillBot:

QuillBot-Paraphrased ChatGPT Text

QuillBot-Paraphrased ChatGPT Text

Detection Results



Other Paraphrasing Tools Powered by QuillBot

If you search for a paraphrasing tool on the Internet, chances are you'll encounter some powered by QuillBot. For example:

  • Spinbot.com
  • Paraphrasing-tool.com
  • Free-article-spinner.com
  • Articlerewritertool.com

These seemingly independently branded rewording tools are in fact owned by QuillBot, as a way to extend its market reach. Once you click their premium paraphrasing features, you'll be redirected to QuillBot's pricing page.

QuillBot's Other Writing Offerings

In addition to its rewording tool, QuillBot offers a range of additional features to help with your writing:

Grammar Checker

Similar to Grammarly, this tool identifies grammar, spelling and punctuation errors and provides suggestions on how to improve them.

Plagiarism Checker

It checks your text against multiple sources and finds plagiarism and citation issues, with a sentence-by-sentence analysis report.


This is an AI-powered text editor that integrates web search, AI writing/editing tools, grammar checkers, citation builders, …, all at one place.


A tool designed to generate concise and accurate summaries of longer texts or articles.

Citation Generator

By giving a URL, book or article title, ISBN number, etc., it helps you create proper citations in various styles such as APA, MLA, and Chicago.


Working like Google Translate or DeepL Translate, QuillBot's translator allows you to translate any text between 45 languages.

How QuillBot Paraphraser Compares to BypassGPT

Both QuillBot's paraphrasing tool and BypassGPT works by taking text input from the users, and output a reworded version without changing its original meaning. But they are designed to serve different purposes, especially when it comes to making undetectable AI writing.

While QuillBot is a competent tool for basic paraphrasing tasks, it exhibits certain limitations. As presented earlier, it often fails to produce rewritten text that can avoid AI detection.

BypassGPT, on the other hand, is able to help its users bypass AI detection. It employs a more sophisticated strategy, generating rewritten content that maintains the original meaning but with significant changes to the structure and phrasing. This makes BypassGPT's output seem more human-like, and thus, more likely to bypass AI detection.

See the effectiveness of BypassGPT with the text we just used:

See the effectiveness of BypassGPT with the text we just used:


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