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StealthGPT Review – Can It Bypass AI Detectors?

Have you ever felt the need to use AI for writing but are worried it might get flagged? After all, soon after the AI craze took over, many AI detector tools surfaced in an attempt to keep up with the never-ending stream of content. If you enjoy writing but need to write many repetitive text pieces, you may be considering using AI writers. But the concern about AI detection looms.

StealthGPT claims to be the solution. It’s an AI writing tool that aims to create “stealthy” content that passes as human and original. But can it really dodge popular AI detectors like GPTZero and Turnitin? Let’s find out.

Master the Art of Stealth Writing with BypassGPT

Refine your digital prose to new levels of sophistication and evade AI detection effortlessly by utilizing BypassGPT as your secret ally.

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use

What Is StealthGPT?


StealthGPT is an AI-powered tool that seeks to produce undetectable AI content, whether by humanizing existing text or generating new. It understands what AI detectors look for and to avoid those triggers, so your content could appear as though a human wrote it. It can breathe uniqueness into your emails, blog posts, and more without repeating common, boring AI clichés.

Features of StealthGPT

Let’s break down what StealthGPT offers.

Bypass AI Detector


According to its description, StealthGPT bypasses even some of the most rigorous AI detectors and also produces content that is uniquely different each time, avoiding plagiarism, too. Popular and famous AI detection solutions including Originality.AI, Winston AI, GPTZero, and Turnirin, all failed against the content generated by StealthGPT.

Stealth Tools


StealthGPT offers various stealthy tools and is quite customizable, using engines like the proprietary Stealth Samurai Engine.

Aside from the Stealth Bypass tool, which humanizes text, it also incorporates the Stealth Content Generator and Stealth Essay Generator tools for more specific use cases. This means that you can generate original content and even make the tool write essays from a few prompts.



The tool also lets users build their own stealthy applications by integrating StealthGPT’s API into their own projects. If you’re a developer that needs to handle automatic content processing, this might be of interest. The API’s pricing operates on a token-based fixed price.



StealthGPT offers three pricing plans: Essential for $14.99 a month, Pro for $19.99 a month, and Exclusive for $29.99 a month. Each pricing plan gives you different word limits and bonus features. You can upgrade each plan to a more advanced Stealth Samurai engine for an extra $4.99, regardless of the tier.

How StealthGPT Works: Real-Life Testing

While StealthGPT sounds impressive on paper, nothing is quite as valuable as real-life examples and tests. So, it is time to put StealthGPT to the test to see if it can make AI-written text undetectable.

First, for the tool to show what it can do, it needs a text snippet created with generative AI, like ChatGPT.


This simple text, although short, usually won’t fool any AI detectors. The next step is running that text through StealthGPT to humanize it.


Finally, let’s put the humanized text through AI detection tools like GPTZero, Copyleaks, and ZeroGPT. While there are many other AI detectors, these three are enough to see if the tool stands up to the challenge.


Unfortunately, the rewrite isn’t very successful. The snippet failed Copyleaks and showed pretty high 66% and 74% for GTPZero and ZeroGPT, respectively.

StealthGPT Alternative Tools You Can Use

While StealthGPT sounds great on paper and shows promise, its real-world results leave a lot to be desired. Also, while higher tiers usually perform better than a free test run (since it improves how much you can change), the pricing can be a bit steep for some. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly tool that performs better, BypassGPT could be a good alternative. It offers similar features but at a more affordable rate. 

BypassGPT uses the latest text content humanization tech to dodge AI content detectors such as Writer.com, Copyleaks, Content at Scale, and Turnitin. Unlike some tools that scramble your words to the point of being unrecognizable, this one keeps your text’s essence. It beats StealthGPT on the undetectability front.

BypassGPT Can Bypass All AI Detectors

Content at Scale
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You may even consider it more feature-rich. It lets you pick the reading level, what you’re using the text for, and how much to change it. From high school essays and university-level reading material to doctoral dissertations, you can adjust the complexity and style of your text, and BypassGPT can surely get your content humanized for you.

Final Thoughts – Is This Tool Right for You?

StealthGPT is a robust tool for undetectable AI-written content. However, its test results aren’t quite what you might expect. A better engine might do better, but if budget is a concern, you might want to consider BypassGPT as a more wallet-friendly one.

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