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StealthWriter Review – Can It Actually Outsmart AI Detectors?

With the surge of AI-driven content tools, the allure of quick, quality content is hard to resist. There might be a story that’s been buzzing in the back of your mind for the past decade or so, yet you never got a chance to put it into words. The idea is there, but the words just won’t come. On the other hand, you may be writing all the time – boring, repetitive content like emails and marketing material. So, it’s not surprising that AI content writing would be so alluring.

Yet, there’s a catch. The rise of AI detectors threatens to unmask the machine behind the words. StealthWriter is one of the tools that promises to transform AI-generated text into something so human-like that AI detectors can’t tell the difference. But does it really deliver? That’s what this review is about to answer.

Refine Your Content's Stealth with BypassGPT

Enhance the subtlety of your writing by incorporating BypassGPT, ensuring your AI-authored content remains beyond the reach of detection algorithms.

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

Tips for use

What Is StealthWriter?


StealthWriter aims to rewrite AI content into human-like text that AI detector tools can’t tell apart from real human-written text. It’s a fairly straightforward tool, easy to use, and with some solid features. At the core of the tool are its two models – Ninja and Ghost. Ninja is the default model, available in the free plan. Ghost is the tool’s advanced model that claims to bypass advanced AI detectors like Originality.ai.

StealthWriter Features

This tool is fairly simple, but its feature promise is quite grand.

Bypass All AI Detectors


The tool claims to effortlessly bypass all AI detectors, including the likes of Originality.ai, Winston AI, and Turnitin. These advanced AI detectors can usually detect most AI-generated content, including that produced by text humanizing tools, so this is quite a claim.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee


StealthWriter assures that your content will be 100% original no matter how many times you rewrite it. That’s convenient if you’re facing off against both AI detectors and plagiarism checkers.

SEO-Friendly Optimization


It’s said that AI-generated content usually doesn’t rank very high in search engines, so it’s convenient to know that this tool tries to keep its output SEO-optimized. It retains mandatory keywords, optimizing your content for search engines without compromising quality.

Multiple Versions


StealthWriter will create multiple versions of the humanized text so you can pick and choose what style and version works best for you.

Interactive Sentence Alternatives


You can also customize the content in real time by clicking on sentences to view and select alternatives. This way, even if your text is AI-generated, you can give it some personal touch and choose what sounds the best.



StealthWriter offers a free plan and three paid plans ranging from $20 to $50 per month. The paid plans offer features like unlimited rewrites and a highly accurate built-in AI detector. All paid plans let you use the faster Ninja Model for an unlimited number of words, but they differ in how many words per rewrite they can handle and how many words you get with the more advanced Ghost Model.

Does StealthWriter Work: Real-Life Testing

StealthWriter has shown quite a bit of promise so far. It’s time to put it to the test.

First, we generate a passage with ChatGPT.


Then, we use StealthWriter to make the text appear more human.


Finally, run the rewritten text through ZeroGPT, GPTZero, and Content at Scale.



The results are solid. StealthWriter scored an acceptable 29% in ZeroGPT and just 3% in GPTZero. It also easily passed Content at Scale.

Is There a Better Alternative to StealthWriter?

While StealthWriter does a pretty solid job of generating stealthy text and offers a range of features, it’s not without some possible cons. The free plan has limitations on the number of words you can rewrite, and paid plans may be a bit steep for some. If you’d like to try an alternative, BypassGPT offers similar features but at a more accessible price.

BypassGPT employs specially developed text humanization technology to beat advanced AI content detection services like Turnitin, Originality.ai, and Writer.com. This tool is able to achieve a high undetectable rate when up against most AI writing detectors on the market, doing all this without modifying the essence of your original text.

BypassGPT is Ready to Bypass All AI Detectors

Content at Scale
brand img

It also outshines StealthWriter with options to set readability levels, pick the text’s purpose, and choose how much rewriting happens. You can aim for a high school reading level or go scholarly. Alternatively, you can adjust the purpose of your writing and opt for journalism, stories, reports, cover letters, marketing, and many more styles.

Final Thoughts – Should You Use StealthWriter?

StealthWriter is pretty good at dodging AI detectors and producing human-like content. It’s also fairly easy to use and has some nifty extra features. But the price might be a bit of a turnoff for some. Luckily, there are alternatives like BypassGPT to fill in the gaps.

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