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WriteHuman Review: Is It The AI Text Humanizer You Need?

AI-generated content seems to be everywhere, from articles to YouTube comments. It can get tricky to tell just how much content is AI-generated and even whether you’re reading original content that just looks like from a bot or actual AI-created stuff.

WriteHuman promises to transform AI-generated text into something indistinguishable from human writing. But can it really bypass AI detectors and deliver on its promises? Let’s find out.

Humanize AI Text With BypassGPT

Embark on a journey to refine your AI texts and render them indistinguishable by detectors, using the innovative capabilities of BypassGPT that awaits below.

Bypass AI Detection with BypassGPT

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What Is WriteHuman? A Comprehensive Overview


WriteHuman is an AI-rewriter tool that aims to make your AI-generated content look like a human wrote it. It prides itself on working with various AI content generators and claims to bypass AI detectors like Turnitin and ZeroGPT. It attempts to guess what elements of the input cause these tools to identify content as AI and tries to bypass these tropes.

WriteHuman Features

While WriteHuman is a pretty simple three-step tool on the surface, it certainly can’t be called featureless.

Ease of Use

The tool’s simplicity is a feature in its own right. WriteHuman uses a simple three-step process: copy your AI-generated text, paste it into their platform, and click a button to make it undetectable. It’s convenient no matter your tech-savviness level.

Privacy Protection

The platform emphasizes the importance of online privacy, claiming to eliminate AI tracking, which might lead back to you or expose your usage of any AI tool or your data. This is especially important if you are a professional content creator and you want all of your key ideas to be kept classified.

AI Detection Countermeasure

WriteHuman does spend time learning how popular AI detection platforms like Turnitin, ZeroGPT, and other known AI detectors work. This means that it knows what triggers these particular tools and tries to avoid these triggers to make your content look more like a human-written one.



WriteHuman has a straightforward tiered pricing structure to fit different budgets and monthly use scenarios. The Basic plan costs $8 per month and allows for 600 words per request with a limit of 40 requests per month. If you need more, the Pro plan offers 1,200 words per request and 100 requests per month for $14.

For those who require even more flexibility, the Ultra plan provides 3,000 words per request with unlimited requests, all for $32 per month. This pricing model is reasonable, though it still may be a bit much for some, especially with a relatively low word count per tier.

The Potential of WriteHuman Tool

You must be curious to see if WriteHuman can actually make AI-generated text undetectable. To show what it can do in a real-world scenario, we’ll generate a short article about the transition from ICEs to EVs with ChatGPT as the test content, to begin.


We then put the generated text into WriteHuman and here is the result.


Then, we’ll test the “humanized” text processed by WriteHuman with some of the leading AI detection tools including Originality.ai, GPTZero, Content at Scale, ZeroGPT, and Writer.com.

WriteHuman Against Originality.ai


Using Originality.ai’s latest Turbo 3.0 detection model, the result indicated that Originality is 99% sure that the input text, humanized by WriteHuman, is AI-generated. Most of the content was marked red, indicating the majority of the processed text still looks AI-written, which means that WriteHuman had failed to bypass the Originality.ai detection.

WriteHuman Against GPTZero


We then put the same piece of content into GPTZero, and the result demonstrated a 96% possibility that the content was AI-generated. All of the provided content is marked yellow, suggesting that the style of the processed text bears a strong resemblance to that typically produced by AI.

WriteHuman Against Content at Scale


The result from Content at Scale does not inspire confidence as well. A few sentences were marked orange, meaning that Content at Scale was not able to identify whether the content was written by AI or human. The rest of the content is basically all in red, indicating that they are probably generated by AI.

WriteHuman Against ZeroGPT


We are now putting the content into ZeroGPT. The AI detector is now showing 81.32% of AI/GPT-generated possibilities. All of the content is marked yellow, showing a high possibility of AI involvement in the writing of the provided content.

WriteHuman Against Writer.com


Honestly, Writer is one of the easiest AI detectors to bypass, based on our experience. Here, the result generated by WriteHuman still struggles to gain approval from the detection tool. Writer indicates an 88% certainty that the content is AI-generated, suggesting that further manual revisions are needed to reduce the AI-generated appearance of the text

Better WriteHuman Alternatives to Bypass AI Detectors

While WriteHuman is easy to use and shows some potential, its ability to pass as a human isn’t quite there yet. Furthermore, the stringent word limit per request (and generally inflexible monthly limits) could be a dealbreaker for some users. So, you might be wondering if there’s anything better out there.


As an alternative, BypassGPT offers better results and ease of use without such restrictions. It has more generous word counts and doesn’t cost anything to get the full use of the platform.

BypassGPT, drawing its power from specially developed text humanization technology that aims to handle texts crafted by generative AI models, can circumvent AI detectors like GPTZero and Originality.ai. It also keeps the original meaning of your text while doing so. It aims at an ambitious 100% undetectable score.

See How BypassGPT Beats AI Detectors

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Content at Scale
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It’s more versatile than many similar tools, with options to select from 3 of the bypassing modes for tailed content and AI detection bypass needs. BypassGPT can handle anything from high school essays to Ph.D. research as well as news articles, creative stories, and marketing copy, making professionals from all fields bypass AI detection with ease.

Testing BypassGPT’s Capability

With all that being said, you should be looking forward to seeing how BypassGPT performs in real practice. We will be using the same ICEs and EVs transition article and put it into BypassGPT. Here is the result:


Note that BypassGPT has a built-in AI detection checker, so you won’t actually have to leave their site to check the AI/Human score of your content. To demonstrate the accuracy of this built-in checker, we will still put the processed content in dedicated AI detection platforms for precise testing purposes.

BypassGPT Against Originality.ai


First off, the result from Originality.ai is getting a good start for BypassGPT. The content is all marked green, and their latest Turbo 3.0 model indicates the processed content is likely to be written by a human, whereas Originality.ai appears to be 98% sure of its judgment.

BypassGPT Against GPTZero


The following is the result from GPTZero. The processed content from BypassGPT is achieving an outstanding 0% probability of AI involvement. GPTZero considers the content was likely to be written by a real person with a 92% certainty, where a small amount of text is identified as AI-human mixed.

BypassGPT Against Content at Scale


Then it’s the all-green result from Content at Scale. Almost all of the text is marked green, meaning that BypassGPT is able to create content that can get a full pass by the AI detector.

The only long sentence marked orange is the one at the end of the fourth paragraph, meaning the AI detector is hard to tell whether a human or an AI wrote it. The sentence is true with a clear and logical structure, which could be found in both AI and human writing.

BypassGPT Against ZeroGPT


The AI detection result from ZeroGPT is also returning good news as well. None of the text is marked yellow, and ZeroGPT considers the content likely to be human-written. The content humanized by BypassGPT can bypass ZeroGPT without any trouble.

BypassGPT Against Writer.com


The last one is the AI content detector from Writer. This platform won’t highlight any text, it simply indicates whether the content is AI or human-generated. Either way, the humanized content from BypassGPT can indeed bypass the Writer AI detection, so you should not be concerned about your content being mislabeled as AI-crafted.

Final Thoughts – Should You Try It?

Overall, WriteHuman has the potential to come up on top, but its results aren’t quite there yet. Our test shows that the content crafted by WriteHuman had failed to bypass all of the 5 AI detectors, which means you will need to make additional edits to the WriteHuman output if you want to outsmart all those AI content detectors out there.

But luckily for you, other alternatives, like BypassGPT, exist to fill in the gaps, with consistent bypassing performance, and outstanding content quality. So, if you need a stealthy AI rewriter now, you might want to look into such alternatives.

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